Dental Radiology Treatment

In the modern times, dentistry has evolved in several aspects. Dental radiology has also improved to a great extent thanks to the excellent technology introduced in dentistry. Dental radiology now utilizes modern technology in the form of digital methods of taking radiographs of the patients. Dental RVG x-ray and dental panoramic x-ray are the two principal segments of the dental radiology which have made significant changes in the diagnosis segment of dentistry.

Digital radiography is increasingly becoming an integral part of every modern dental clinic. Dentists are depending upon this innovative technology not just for diagnosis and documentation but also for treatment planning. As opposed to film based radiography, digital systems allow dentists to immediately view the images on any device including PC, laptop or any hand held device. In addition, the images are of a much higher resolution as compared to traditional film radiographs. Digital files are also much easier to store, share and retrieve. Since digital x-ray technologies use significantly lower radiation they are a safer option for both patients and clinicians. Digital radiography technologies are allowing dentists to capture images that were impossible with film based radiography and these are aiding more precise diagnosis and efficient treatment planning.

Investing in the right digital radiology product will enable dentists to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their services. It can also potentially lead to opportunities for building new capacities. There are broadly three types of digital imaging systems:

  • portable Xray uniy (Korea)
  • Scissor Arm Xray Unit (Italy)
  • Digital Radiography
  • Cone Beam Computer Tomography(CBCT) Coming Soon